Monday, 19 December 2011

What to Consider When Choosing Your Prom Dress

When the time comes for a girl to go to her prom, she is very likely to be really excited.  One of the most important things to think about is the dress she is going to choose.  There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into a prom night and for every girl, choosing the right dress is vital.  There is nothing worse than turning up to your prom to discover that someone else has the same dress as you, especially if they look better in it than you do.  :( 

That is why there are a number of things to think about when it comes to prom dresses. UK prom goers have plenty of choice but the following are some things to consider before choosing that all important dress:

·         The style of dress is going to be hugely important to you.  You want to make sure that you look great and that your dress will be talked about for the right reasons.  While you will want to look grown up, it is very important to make sure that you don’t go over the top because the last thing you will want is to look older than you are.
·         It is very important to choose a dress that will be comfortable for you.  This dress is something that you will be wearing all night so you do not want to be constantly fiddling with it.
·         Finding a dress that is original is a big deal.  A lot of people will choose a fabulous dress and will then customise it so that it will not look like anyone else’s dress.  Have a good look around and try to find a hidden gem.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Top Eyewear Trends for Men and Women Last Summer & Next Summer 2012

Top Eyewear Trends for Men and Women Next Summer 2012

If you consider your glasses as much of a fashion accessory as they are a necessity, you’ll be excited to hear about next summer’s trends in eyewear. Many styles for both men and women offer a new twist on eyewear fashions from decades past, but there are also many unusual new designs that stretch the beauty of eyewear forward into bold new territory. No matter what your style, you’ll be sure to find new eyewear for next summer's top designers to accentuate your favorite fashions.

Summer Trends for Women

Retro Prep

If you love to be on the cutting edge of fashion but still want to look professional for work, you’ll love the eyewear options in this category. You’ll find many clean, classic styles that take their influence from the 1950s and 1960s, including softer versions of cats-eye frames. To complement every complexion and hair color, these styles are offered in a wide range of colors, from creamy pastels to dark-tinted two tones.

Seraphin by OGI Eyewear; Style: Marquette)

Disco Diva

If you love the music and fashion of the 1970s, you’re going to love the glasses available next summer. The top designers are offering large, squared oval frames in bright colors, including a pair from Ed Hardy with a psychedelic butterfly motif. If you’re looking for some groovy summer sunglasses, these frames will look best with rose or amber colored tints.

Ed Hardy by Revolution Eyewear; Sytle: EH0720)

Urban Edge

If retro is really not your thing and you’re craving something new and bold, you won’t feel left out. You’ll find many mixed media styles of frames in bold colors and strong lines. Several new styles with unusual textures or cut outs on the arms will get you noticed. Sunglasses in this category feature dark tints or mirrored lenses.

Eileen West Black Label by Tandy Brands Accessories, Inc.; Style: Cut Outs)

Summer 2012 Trends for Men

Modern Heritage

Geeks will get a chance to look sexy this summer, thanks to this year’s eyewear trends. Round frames give a nod to bygone eras, but will be offered in bold, solid colors. You’ll also find thinner frames with only color on the top half that create a unique retro look. Sunglasses in this category feature solid dark tinted lenses in hues of amber and black.

Geek Eyewear by LBI (Lehrer Brillen-Perfection Werks); Style: Geek201)

Street Pop

This category features this summer’s most forward-thinking styles. Shields and frames that wrap all the way around the lenses are common components, and will be available in either metal or plastic frames. Rectangular lenses with curved corners make a bold statement. The top designers are offering sunglasses in a wide variety of tints, including many blue tones.

Wiley X by Wiley X Eyewear; Style: Zak)

Globe Trotter

If you prefer a distinguished, well-travelled look, check out this summer’s line of internationally influenced eyewear. These designs are inspired by nature, incorporating wood textures and earth tones, but in sleek, lightweight frames that simply exude elegance. Sunglasses predominantly feature gradient lenses in brown or dark grey tints.

été by Optylux Group, Inc.; Style: Mollans)

Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, a discount eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses online retailer.