Monday, 14 November 2011

Boot Cut, Flared or Skinny Jeans? GirlwithGlasses Suggests the Best Denim for Every Occassion

Shopping online for jeans can be difficult. What do all the different cuts of jeans mean? What are the distinctive features of brands such as Humor Jeans or Gio Goi?

Boot cut is the most popular jeans cut. As the name suggests, it is ideal for wearing over boots. The jeans taper out from just above the knee.
Flared jeans are similar to the boot cut. The bell at the bottom of the jeans is usually wider and the flare often begins below the knee. This is a very flamboyant style that comes into and goes out of fashion.
Skinny jeans hug the body very tightly. Few of us are lucky enough to look good in skinny jeans. Fortunately they are often out of fashion.

Jeans come in a wide variety of colours but are all made from the same material - denim. As well as the standard look, there are different finishes on denim jeans.
Stonewashed jeans are faded by washing them with stones. This gives the jeans a worn look.
Distressed jeans are often sandblasted or stonewashed and sometimes even have holes cut in them to make them look very old.
Shrink-to-fit jeans are untreated. To fit them, it is necessary for the wearer to wear the jeans when wet. Then they will shrink to fit the individual perfectly.

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  1. I guess it really depends on what type of occasion people are into. You cannot just wear any denim for example on a formal occasion, nor wear formal attire on a beach party. Best tip is before going to an event, know their themes first and make sure to be ready for that.

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