Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Casual Winter Dresses 2011 - Fashion Styling Video Courtesy of Kodi Boutique (Brooke Kodi) src:5MinFashion | DailyMotiion

A fabulous video by Brooke Codi | Kodi Boutique found in search results for: casual style for winter 2011. I have to say Kodi - "You're looking damn fine girl!"
View video for casual 2011 winter fashion styling tips - Layer up or Maxi out!

Dress Your Man Up "Casual Style" for Winter 2011

When it comes to observing fashion trends it seems as though most men these days are somewhat lacking in coordination, a natural sense of style - or sometimes perhaps just a lack of effort. (Stereotyping) British men in particular seem to struggle when positioned against their groomed mother's boy European counterparts, who tend to make style and elegance look effortless - whether suited and booted or when sporting a more casual look. Here are some men’s fashion trends for winter 2011 to get your man up to speed.

Quilted Jackets
Men’s quilted jackets are back in a major way and are THE must have item for style conscious casual men in winter 2011. The classic British brand Barbour has a superb selection of stylish jackets in their range – with the “Chelsea” and “Akenside” jackets particularly popular. Lavenham also have a good collection too. However, if you are looking for style on a budget, our high street favourite Primark have some nice men’s quilts in a range of colours at bargain prices.

Plaid / Check Shirts
Get the look of the all American hard working cowboy with a stylish checked shirt. Some great pieces are available to buy this season from leading designer jeans brand Nudie that are stylish - but also nice and thick to provide some extra winter warmth when you need it. However, again these shirts are widely available across the high street and also online through these UK clothing websites if you don’t have cash to throw around.

Chinos / Chords
Are you fed up of the site of your man in the same old blue jeans? Why not convince him to branch out a little with some stylish men’s chinos or chords. Popular colours include sandy brown, red wine and rusty red. Danish brand Humor has been a big hit with regard to men’s chinos – but the drop crotch and carrot leg of their popular Santiago pant is not for everyone. Good old Top Man has a massive selection of chinos and chords at competitive prices.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Oooo Look! The New Peguin Clothing Collection! Very Handsome!

Penguin Clothing are an iconic sportswear brand. For over 50 years they have been at the centre of the sporting and golf fashion industry.

Alongside Penguin clothing's classic range of shirts, polo shirts, jumpers and golfwear this season sees new, cutting edge fashion. Zip tops and hoodys that look just as great in the bar after a game of golf as out on the course. They're the kind of menswear designs that are perfect for an action man or golf fanatic.

Of course, Penguin Clothing are renowned for their iconic leisurewear and that has been updated too. From plain coloured golf shirts to the new, trendier check patterned menswear t-shirts, every golfer is sure to find something to match their style in the new Penguin clothing collection.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Boot Cut, Flared or Skinny Jeans? GirlwithGlasses Suggests the Best Denim for Every Occassion

Shopping online for jeans can be difficult. What do all the different cuts of jeans mean? What are the distinctive features of brands such as Humor Jeans or Gio Goi?

Boot cut is the most popular jeans cut. As the name suggests, it is ideal for wearing over boots. The jeans taper out from just above the knee.
Flared jeans are similar to the boot cut. The bell at the bottom of the jeans is usually wider and the flare often begins below the knee. This is a very flamboyant style that comes into and goes out of fashion.
Skinny jeans hug the body very tightly. Few of us are lucky enough to look good in skinny jeans. Fortunately they are often out of fashion.

Jeans come in a wide variety of colours but are all made from the same material - denim. As well as the standard look, there are different finishes on denim jeans.
Stonewashed jeans are faded by washing them with stones. This gives the jeans a worn look.
Distressed jeans are often sandblasted or stonewashed and sometimes even have holes cut in them to make them look very old.
Shrink-to-fit jeans are untreated. To fit them, it is necessary for the wearer to wear the jeans when wet. Then they will shrink to fit the individual perfectly.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Guide For Men: Choose the Correct Reading Glasses

There are so many different styles of best spectacles online can be difficult. There are several things you should look for when choosing mens reading glasses.

Most reading glasses come in two frame different styles. Full and half lens. If you do a lot of work where you need to look near and far then half lens is the best choice for you.

Prescription reading glasses can be bought online in various prescription strengths. These are indicated by the number after the glasses. For example reading glasses 1.50 The larger the number, the stronger the glasses. It is recommended that you visit an optician to have your eyes checked to obtain a prescription for your reading glasses. You can then shop online and choose the frame and style you want.

If you shop for reading glasses online then you will find many different fashionable styles and looks. Of course this is personal preference. Most prescription reading glasses are available in popular colours and fashions for men and women.

Girlwithglasses Says "Accessorize Your Look with Stacking Rings"

How many of you have thought of using stacking rings to accessorize your look? When women think of accessories they usually think of glasses, belts, bags, necklaces, earrings and other jewellery. Often hands are neglected. However it is important to complete your look - your hands are often one of the first things people notice about you.

As well as a good manicure, rings can really help make your hands look beautiful. Of course there are lots of different types of rings and one of the newest fashion trends is stacking rings. Stacking rings are extremely versatile as they are often interchangeable. This means you can mix and match to complement your look. From bold, colourful, chunky plastic that really makes a statement to intricate designer jewellery pieces fashioned from gold and gemstones, stacking rings can match your style on any occassion.

Best of all, if you know your ring size then there is a huge range of stacking rings online that you can buy.

The Girlwithglasses' Informative History Of Clarks Shoes

Clarks shoes are a very well-known brand of shoes in Europe, the UK, the US and Japan. They are also a popular shoe in Jamaica after being made famous by the dancehall artist Vybz Kartel.

Two Quaker brothers, Cyrus and James Clark began a business in Somerset in 1825. At first they made sheepskin rugs and slippers before starting to manufacture the iconic Clarks shoes. They built a village in Somerset to supply the shoe factories with workers. As Clark were Quakers there were no pubs. In 1993 shoe production moved to India, Brazil and China. Shoe design is still done in the UK but the original factory site is now a retail area known as Clarks Village.

Clarks shoes are extremely well-known for their children's shoes. Their iconic Playdeck sandal - a shoe for women, children and men - was first introduced in the 1950s. Despite falling out of fashion in the early 1990s it was reintroduced in 2010 in the Clarks Original range and has become very popular.

Since their small beginnings, Clarks shoes have become a hugely successful global brand, selling shoes in most countries in the world.