Friday, 28 October 2011

COLOURED CONTACT LENSES | Mad Eyes Just in Time For Halloween

An increasing number of people who wear glasses have now changed them for contact lenses. A contact lens is almost invisible as it simply fits over the eye’s cornea to correct whatever problem the wearer has with their vision. Nowadays it is possible to get coloured contact lenses and some of these are not meant to correct a sight problem. Lenses come in a variety of colours so if you simply want to change your look or fool someone into thinking you are a different person, coloured lenses are the way to do it. If you really need to wear contact lenses to correct your vision then you need to be sure that you have the right prescription.

You can now get coloured contact lenses from most opticians and the majority of them are made of a thin plastic. Some contact lenses are glass but they can be uncomfortable. One of the problems with contact lenses, whether or not they are coloured, is that it’s all too easy to drop one when you are trying to put them in or take them out. If you need to wear contact lenses on a regular basis then you will also need the special cleaning fluid that keeps them clear of dust and dirt. There is no doubt that wearing coloured contact lenses can really change the look of a person.

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