Friday, 28 October 2011

Fashionable Nail Wraps (Nail foils designed to give finger nails a new look)

Most women like their nails to look good and nowadays they don’t even have to be your own nails. False nails have been around for many years and more recently gel and acrylic nails have become very popular. The latest thing for those women who want to be at the forefront of fashion is the nail wrap. Nail wraps or nail foils as they are sometimes known are designed to give your finger nails and toe nails a totally new look, without the need for nail varnish. Nail wraps are usually applied by a professional nail technician in a salon, although it is possible to fit your own at home.

Many fashion conscious celebrities use nail wraps in a wide variety of designs. The latest designer nail wraps will last for several weeks on toenails but only a week or two on finger nails. If you want to try out your own nail wraps then the word is that they should only take around fifteen minutes to apply. Nails treated with nail wrap won’t drip and stain or chip, unlike nail varnish, which is another reason these are becoming so popular. There are many different styles of wraps, including gold, silver and animal prints. You can get designs in nail wraps that would be virtually impossible to achieve with nail polish. You can buy a complete set of nail wraps together with instructions for applying them if you can’t afford nail salon prices.

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