Friday, 28 October 2011

Ladies Military Boots, Eh?

There are very few women who do not like shoes and who love the idea of shopping for new ones as often as possible. Every season most women will be keeping their eyes on fashion magazines and to see what their favourite celebrities are wearing. Military boots used to be a male preserve but these days there is a huge market for ladies military boots. When military boots were mostly worn by men if was usually because they had been in the armed services. Military boots had to be of a certain style and were generally made of stiff leather. Fashion boots on the other hand can be made of many different materials.

Ladies military boots may be leather, suede, faux leather or fabric and they also come in a large variety of colours. Men’s military boots were plain black and the toes were buffed to a high shine. Ladies military boots may be flat or they might have a heel, depending on the preference of the wearer. The fact is that this type of boot was meant to be hardwearing and able to stand up to significant use. Military boots made for ladies on the other hand, are meant to be high fashion, which often means that how the boots look is more important than how comfortable or hard wearing they might be. Most women who wear ladies military boots will generally want them to go with one of the latest military style coats or jackets.

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